Andean Wisdom-keeper & Guide

Trained since a young age by his Elders Jhaimy carries the teachings of his Ancestors with a deep reverence and passion to support his brothers and sisters around the world.  As a keeper of Ancient Wisdom he has been invited to share his knowledge and lead ceremonies at conferences, universities and retreats throughout Canada, South America and Europe.  He holds a Masters degree in Tourism from La Universidad Andina del Cusco and is the Founder of Traditional Andean Medicine Tours (TAM Tours) in Peru where he leads groups and individuals on “once-in-a-lifetime” Journeys of Transformation to the sacred sites of the Andes.  He is the Co-Founder of Children of the Seven Rays Events and C7Rays Foundation which celebrate the sharing of Indigenous Knowledge of the Eagle and the Condor and empower community-based projects in Vancouver and Peru.  Jhaimy is best known for his heart-centered and humble approach to ceremony and healing, supporting liberation from limitations and connecting to heart and purpose. 

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