Architect . Creative Director . Bestselling Author . Magic Maker .
Ola wears many hats, each more beautiful than the last. She established IJORERE, Inc. in June 2008. Her architectural expertise is evident in her approach and is the background that sets IJORERE designs apart from the rest.

Ola’s riveting debut memoir; Get Your Foot Off My Neck is about a Nigerian-American girl who becomes an architect and successful creative entrepreneur despite prejudice. She also discovers a disheartening truth: bias comes from not only outside of her race but within her community too.
Ola says: her life story is one that is ever shaped by culture, by geography and by a God-given eye for unique designs. Her burgeoning enterprise is the result of a directed path, a drive to see her creative vision brought to life, and the realization that limits are often an illusion.

Olaʼs life is full and busy with three children---high, middle, and elementary schoolers. Her husband of seventeen years is a proud veteran of the United States Army.

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