World Renowned Near-Death Survivor, Heart Transplant Recipient, Speaker & Humanitarian.

2020 marks 10 years since I died in my husband's arms. Doctor's were unable to resuscitate me for over 90 minutes.

During this time I had what medical researchers have coined as a near-death experience or NDE.

It was unknown for months if I would survive.

My life was saved yet everything I knew to be true about my world and identity was shattered. I was forced to close down my tech firm, confront disability and get real comfortable with the unknown.

Decoding the wisdom from my near-death experience and journey into the afterlife helped me embrace uncertainty with love and grace.

It also guided me to begin reintegrating the parts of my soul blown apart from years of subtle racism, self-hatred and collective trauma in order to realign my mind, body and soul and reconnect with the greatest, loving force on Earth.

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