Amy Cheryl, Founder and Creatrix of Women's Worth Academy (WWA), is a modern day medicine women providing the skill sets and safe, sacred transformational space for the deep healing that is imperative to come home to your throne as the Queen you inherently are.

This in turn has a ripple effect that heals humanity, and leaves the legacy women desire for their daughters and sons of the world, as it is a woman in her FEMININE POWER that heals the world.

Amy’s work liberates you from the internal prison of the mind of the lies and societal programming that prevent you from truly valuing yourself and the magical gifts you offer as a woman, where you can live your life unapologetically expressed, and on YOUR terms.

She has shared the stage with global leaders such as Marianne Williamson and touches the hearts with her deep spiritual women's wisdom, teachings and inspiration. She IS the embodiment of her message and has been invited to speaking gigs all over the US as well as Dubai, and has been published and featured in a plethora of media.

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