Carly Evans- 

Carly Evans: I am a Transformational Life Coach, Cleanse Coach, Energy Worker and Reiki Master/Teacher who is ridonkulous passionate about supporting people to move past their shitty past traumas, towards the life they truly desire.

I am especially passionate about helping those who are most disadvantaged - survivors of trauma and abuse, those with a mental illness and people experiencing conflict, chaos and crisis. However, I prefer to help in a way that encourages their strengths and is focused on the solution, not the problem. Every "problem" is really a chance to shed that which no longer serves us so we can move forward lighter and happier, with huge lessons and growth.

With a background in psychology, forensic psychology, coaching, mental health, and criminal justice, I can handle pretty much any challenges that come my way! :)

I use a number of different tools and each session is tailored to the specific person and situation. I do energy healing, coaching, removal of limiting beliefs, goal setting, chakra balancing, distant healing, space clearing, I teach energy work and can provide informal counseling.

My clients are very diverse and range from the homeless and mentally unwell, those going through trauma and crises, to those who are in a space where they can focus on achieving massive life goals.








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