Gerard Andrews- 

Gerard Andrews is a Caribbean creative with a key interest in business, art, design, lover of podcasts and marveled by innovation. He currently works at CADCO design studio as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator, where he generates business leads and champions business development activities. 

Gerard has worked with animation studios, commercial print companies, business/customer service development firms and recently completed 10 years as an on again off again entrepreneur of his logo design/branding business. He seeks to enrich the lives of others and his clients by aiding them in solving their problems and helping them build key connections and relationships.

Gerard is a football fan of the English club Manchester United and enjoys pursuing creative projects with his wife who is an artist.

So I work at CADCO design studios. 

We are an architect studio, we also are the parent company of
1. Betelgeuse Productions - a studio rental space with a large 28ft infinity wall great for product shoots.
2. HD3DStock - which sells ready-made house plans ideal for first-time homeowners starting at $2500 which is a steal since house plans start from 30k and up. 
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