Grady Craig- 

Grady Craig: After starting and pitching multiple companies over the years, Grady eventually sold the landscaping business that put him through high school and college. This economic boost afforded him the ability to move from Philly to Los Angeles and take an unpaid internship at Buffalo 8 and BondIt Media Capital — a one-stop shop for filmmakers and media moguls alike. The founders of Buffalo 8 and BondIt recognized Grady’s values and work ethic to be synonymous with their own, ultimately hiring him as the first employee in company history. Grady is now a full-time analyst responsible for investment structuring and analysis, business development, supporting the company’s financing, accounting, operations, and administration, as well as traveling to premiere markets and film festivals around the world. He holds degrees in Economics and Film Studies, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Boston College and is from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.
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