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Vinnie Tortorich: My name is Vinnie Tortorich, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, speaker, podcaster and best-selling author of Fitness Confidential: Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game.

Some call me “America’s ANGRIEST Trainer”. Why am I so angry? Because your good intentions have been stolen! You have been duped! Yes, despite all your good honest efforts you just keep gaining weight and feeling worse.

Does this sound familiar? ‘No matter how much I exercise and how ‘healthily” I eat, I can’t seem to keep the weight off or my cholesterol’s too high or my arthritis/allergies are giving me trouble or my knees/back hurts or I have sleep apnea….” I hear this over and over again and I KNOW it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution, they just don’t want you to know it. That, ladies & gentlemen, is why I’m angry.

I’ve been a personal trainer to people from all walks of life for thirty years. I’ve trained Hollywood celebrities, captains of industry, stay at home moms, working moms, pregnant moms, ultra athletes, Ironman triathletes, injured and post surgical clients and even children with the beginnings of a weight problem.

I love my work and I live to see my clients enjoying the benefits of my training and the feelings of well being that fitness gives them, they are all thriving. But hey, not everyone is lucky enough to have me breathing down their neck, yelling “Step away from the pizza!”. As I look around me and see the American people getting fatter and sicker instead of fitter and healthier, I wonder what messages they are getting about fitness and nutrition and where those messages are coming from.

For decades, the diet industry (and they are not the only bad guys here) has been selling you lies about how to lose weight and get fit. They get you thin fast while simultaneously setting you up for failure just so you can come crawling back to them in a few months. Let’s face it, they can’t make money if you stay thin and fit! Looking at the growing epidemic of obesity and other weight related diseases and the health and financial costs of that epidemic to our country, I am shocked to see that the message comes directly from the government, the special interest groups, the health care system and pharmaceutical industry, the very people who are supposed to help and guide us.

It would seem they are motivated by one thing and one thing only – MONEY. There are several excellent documentaries on the subject and you can watch any of those documentaries on TV or Netflix whenever you choose. I am thankful that those documentaries exist and grateful to the people that made them, but, whilst they bring our attention to the roots of the issue, they don’t solve the problem. And that’s where I come in.



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